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Default well it's official...but now what?

Well, the couple I have been seeing and sexually involved with for the past few months asked me to be their girlfriend. I of course agreed and I feel good and happy. However, this is my first time doing this sort of thing and I have questions...

1) Since the beginning, she and I have been the ones to arrange all the meetings and to be in contact in between. They are married. However, if I am "their" girlfriend, shouldn't I be able to talk to him, too? He and I are very sexually involved and attracted to each other and I care for him, but I don't even have his phone number and she hasn't offered. Is that normal? Why wouldn't I be able to? Doesn't seem balanced...but again, I am new. Should I ask?

2) He and I have not sex yet. There has been lots of everything else and we both want to have sex, but she expressed early on that they have never done that, but have discussed it. She told me yesterday that they would rather I not date or sleep with other men. Okay, I can do that...but eventually I will want the real deal. I love sex and will want it. Can I expect a change? Or will bringing it up be risky? I don't want to hurt her or make her uncomfortable but it almost seems a little unfair. Has anyone else been in this situation? If I can't have sex with him, why would she ask me not to with anyone else?

I guess I am wondering how things will be different, if at all, now that I am their official girlfriend. I am nervous to bring anything up since I am So new at this...don't want to step on toes or ruin it.

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