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What a rough night. I cant say it the first snag [I] have hit but I will say its the hardest one. I have been have communications with a lady that is open to poly life styles. She is a friend of the family and has shown an intrest in BEING with one or both of us. She is married to a nice guy who is also open to this dynamic. LR is not interested in persuing a sexual or romantic addition to the allready friendship. So far sounds ok right??

Well in being so naive and not being considerate to LR and the other lady I didnt communicate ,the fact that I was considering moving my friendship to another level ,with LR nor did I tell the other lady that I hadnt been open with LR.I didnt intentionally keep it a secret, hell I didnt even really think about it till LR asked me what I was thinking and I told her about it. She was so hurt.( not because I was talking about moving the friendship to another level but because I didnt talk to her about it )

Thats when I realised I was not being loving ,open or honest with the 2 of them.They are friends and I could have damaged that relationship between them. I have sence sent an appology to both LR and the other lady.

I wonder if I will ever be able to not F' things up in relationships.It feels like I take a step forward then fall on my ass roll down the hill, and land in the ditch with a face full of mud.
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