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First, I must apologize for the lateness in my reply. Things in the last few days have just gone straight downhill, and I have been very ill. Nezumi has been lashing out at me and picking fights with me for hours. I have an autoimmune disease (Crohn's) and the stress from him fighting with me at 2:30 am has made me terribly sick.

I'm sorry for creating a repetitive topic. I will also search the forum, I just like to feel like I'm part of a discussion, instead of an outsider just reading previous posts. Also, I'm not sure what the general consensus is on necromancing old threads.

River- I strongly identify with what you wrote. I am trying very hard to make sure it's not forced. I continue to invite Nezumi to see S alone, or with me, whichever is most comfortable for Nezumi. He hasn't been receptive so far, but I will continue to make it an option for him so that when he is (hopefully) ready he can make that step.

Rory- It has been a very similar experience. I've been able to be more affectionate, more loving etc. Unfortunately, due to his actions the past few days, this has not been the case as much. I'm still going to try and shower Nezumi with love, but his actions are making it very difficult and in a roundabout way, hurting himself.

dingedheart This is interesting. Whether or not the two people would be friends without the hinge bringing them together. In our case, Nezmumi and S would have, I think. It took a little prodding from me because they are both busy introverts, but they did get along really well.
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