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I'm guessing that there is probably a drug and alcohol policy of some sort for any poly camp, but for the life of me I'm having trouble finding one.
Probably if you email the people running the camp they can give you more advice, what to bring, etc.

Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
There was a fair amount of drug use at the last camp I was at. It made me pretty uncomfortable because there's a big court case going on here at the moment and if the media caught wind of poly camp and drug use you can just imagine how damaging that would be for the poly reputation.
Knowing that makes me a bit more reluctant to ever go to one - negotiating poly relationships and meeting new people is hard enough without trying to do it under the influence of anything, I don't really like being around people who are high/drunk/partying unless I know them pretty well.

Anyway to answer more of the OP (I'm surprised for some reason more people haven't been to to them to give more advice!) I imagine the camps have more of a workshop focus, conventions do that but have art, stories, movies etc, and maybe not as many learning opportunities, but that's just secondhand guessing.
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