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Originally Posted by Tristania View Post
My husband believes he is within his right to pursue his self-exploration, although he would be not be agreeable to me having sex with other men (not that I want to; I was abused as a child and have a hard time with physical intimacy, in general.). The issue may end our marriage, but I am hoping that we can work through it. Since he refuses to respond to traditional notions of ethics, I wondered, do you as a community prescribe to generally agreed-upon ethical guidelines? I need a little help here...
Your husband is abusive. He manipulates you, and everyone around him, to do what he wants. And he is very, very good at this. From your description he does not have ethics, or empathy for others. It's about him, and his wants.

Any ethical guidelines from any given poly community are of no use to you because he will ignore them to get what he wants.

Get out. You deserve better.
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