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Originally Posted by juliaandpatti View Post
In the dynamic of a triad, quad would you consider a non-operative bisexual transsexual female a unicorn?
No, as stated by another poster, a unicorn is usually seen as a bisexual single woman who enters into a relationship with a MF couple.

Of course, you are a woman! And if the guy in a MF couple was bisexual (whether he is a cis gendered male or a transman), a transwoman, pre, post or non-op, should be acceptable.

However many porn watching, tranny chasing bi guys crave to be anally penetrated with a "chick with a dick." In my experience, most pre op/non op transgirls do not want to use their genitals to penetrate a guy.

Would I be a overall turn off to "straight" men looking for a relationship such as a quad like another married couple?

Some narrow minded straight cis gendered males will freak even if a transwoman is post op, should he be told or find out somehow. Homophobia leads them to think a person with a "penis" in the bed with them would make them gay. And they think it's horrible to be gay.
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