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Does this mean that Z will be posting on the struggling section now....that would be ironic. You said he doesn't like change ....what has changed for him? I thought that when you were married you practiced and identified as being poly....then divorced found Z and chose to live mono. Why is it important to label the identity? How long have you been with Z? ....sorry ...I'm sure you posted this stuff before but I wouldn't know how to access this stuff quickly....I'd have to read hundreds of entries.

I think you have a fascinating story ...married with boyfriend (poly) then divorced ...then mono back to poly.... wow what a journey....and it not over...more growth and more interesting stories to come I'm sure.

I wonder what the percentage of poly/mono couple remain that way over the long haul. There seems to be a high percentage of mono's that do this in response to their situation ...freetime , carma's husband, Lovingradances husband , you , etc and it makes sense.... balance and fairness.
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