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Okay, I've created a site listing all the major poly cons, festivals, gatherings, etc. coming up in the next 12 months. With descriptions and sometimes my commentary about events that I've been to:

Please tell me any I've missed; write to me at alan7388 AT gmail DOT com.

Also: at the bottom of that page I've put links to lists of LOCAL POLY GROUPS worldwide, sorted by location -- making it easy to find the local group(s) in your backyard, with their own meetings and happenings.

I intend to keep the site updated and current forever. I hope it will fill the poly world's need for a single, go-to place where you can find out about all major cons, gatherings, meetings, rallies, and festivals.

Please link to it, and pass it on!


Alan M.

P.S.: Whoever is in charge of assigning "Sticky" status to posts here -- please un-stickify my VERY OLD, OUTDATED post about lists of local poly groups that's still stuck at the top of the "Meetings and Events" forum menu. Substitute this post instead? Thanks!
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