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Default How to deal with jealousy

So here is my main problem. How do I deal with the jealousy? I am new to this, and don't define myself as poly more like a mono open to the idea. My girl has a guy that she met before me. They only see each other about 8 times a year when they are at dance events. They don't try to actively see each other, but if they end up at the same one and have the time they will hook up. She says if she lived in LA she would date him but we live in VA Beach. She says this is what she would want. To have me as a primary here and a distant secondary she sees at dance events. I asked her if she has told him that this might split us up, she just responds with, "He knows you aren't happy about it, but no he doesn't know that is a possibility". I am just not completely sure I can do the poly life yet. I am reading and trying. Just looking for some tips. Right now I have said I don't want to know if they hook up (just burying my head in the sand). I try to stay busy when she is out of town on those trips anyways.

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