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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Go Vanilla

Woa, so much's been happening lately that I need to make an inventory of all that I need to write about. Nothing major, just some personal revelations/anxieties finally sorted out.

1) Third date with TNG (the New Girl)
2) Why I never talk about myself much
3) Why Moonlightrunner is awesome

1) I've reached a new personal record in my interpersonal life. I've gone on a third date with someone I like and who appareantly likes me back and we plan to meet for a fourth time and there's been NO SEX SO FAR. Jeez. I put on some pretty underwear and all just in case, because I just didn't know.

She admitted that the herpes thing was a bit of a scare for her. Also, she's so far had one experience with another woman which wasn't hugely successful, and feels she needs to be very much infatuated with someone for sex to do anything at all for her. This weekend she is going to have a date with a girl who turned out to be poly after all, and I told her not to stress about us, to see if she hits off with this other girl and in the meanwhile, we agreed to look into possibilities of FtF STD protection. I was happy though that she said she would like to keep on seeing me as a friend in any case, and also with a delightfully easy schedule of once in every two weeks.

I have not heard of dental dams being sold over here, although I guess I need to check out the sex shops still. The options that have been brought up so far:

a) Take a regular male condom, cut off the head and along the side. Use as a dental dam, with gloves. I've tried this once and the rubber just exploded, so I remain sceptical.
b) Cling film (I needed to GoogleTranslate that word, so I hope you get it). Sounds more like an urban legend to me, plus I suspect the taste is less than optimal. Inpractical to use with lube AND makes a weird nose and sticks everywhere (hence the name). Definitely not my first choice.
3) Femdoms. My personal favourite. Hard to insert, but wouldn't require extra gloves. Also the whole arts-and-crafts element is removed. First lube, then the femdom, and more lube. Easy enough. Also readily available at pharmacist.

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