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Smile Blessings from Latvia :)

Merry meet!

I am 25 years old woman from Latvia (in the ZA Europe, if you don't know). I am polyamorus, but I haven't this kind of relationship yet. Now I am engaged to one man, but I think we can marry someone else someday. He is a little bit confused about me being polyamorus, but I hope he will understand, so I have felled in love with two man... I don't think that it will be real, but someday i think I can love someone else. I am bisexual, I was with a woman before those realitonships, and i think that I can love woman again.
I am glad that I found this site, I didn't know that it is a big culture, and i am happy that there is many people like me.
I am wiccan, so polyamory is natural for me. I will have handfasting in the july of 2012., but I hope there will be some handfasting again, not for only 2 people

Brightest blessings!

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