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Default what should i expect

We have been poly for a number of years, about 3, and we have been together for 6 as a couple... so... we are not new to this,

During that time iv dated, 3 other men,
none of them have been long term for various reasons, the main one being it i just never developed intense or strong feelings for them,

this past couple of months iv been dating someone new, R. This new relationship has been diffrent from the start. With R i feel a real connection, i would say that i am falling in love with him, and he is falling in love with me, it is like a perfect fit. Last night he and C met for the first time and they seemed to get along fantastic,

I am enjoying the NRE without letting it overwhelm me and I am being careful to make C feel happy and secure, we have been at this point sevral times so im careful not to make the same mistakes twice, and so far things are just going amazingly well,

i have never gotten serious with someone, even though the plan is to find another primary partner so far i haven't found anyone that fits, and now i think that there is a chance i have i am wanting to prepare myself for what might come next. I know that there will be issues, prob lots, and challanges and im wondering for anyone more experienced how they manage those,

what kind of issues i may expect
and mistakes i could easily make

any input would be apreciated

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