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Default a say about cheating and poly

I say the good thing about poly there is no cheating and everything is out in the open. so it would be useless to cheat when your ok with it. be nice if everyone became poly! because the average person (will) cheat or intend to pretty much no matter what. thats just how it is. i hate when someone say oh she or he would never do that. you will be surprise! i just don't see only one and one only together for the rest of there life. everyone think about being with someone else or trying something new. like a navy wife they will look for someone and the husband in the navy will look for someone. i feel ok with my wife seeing other guys because if you going to see someone you will do it and no one can stop you. so you might as well be free about it. plus it turns me on when she is with other guys! we are so open. the average person is very jealous if someone is sleeping with your guy/girl. i always wonder why that makes a person mad. because if you think about it when your love one go shopping you don't get jealous. but with sex with another person oh my! strange how the brain works. it's only bad if you think it is. sex is a wonderful thing so get out there and hump! lol people need to explore there love more! i am so glad for poly!
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