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Hi AussieLover, and thanks for your response!

Originally Posted by aussielover View Post
...the way I see it you have two options. Keep going along trying to ignore your love for F, which doesn't seem to be working out too well for you, or talk to your wife about it again. Make sure she understands just how much you love and adore her, and that your loving F doesn't take away from that at all. Approach the subject calmly and hopefully she'll listen and take it in and consider it.
I suspected it would come down to that. I wish I were more assured that my wife wouldn't freak out once more. Perhaps the right opportunity will come along for that discussion. I know I certainly didn't put my wife in the right frame of mind in either of our discussions.

As for whether F wants a relationship, I just can't say. The flirting, calling me a golden god in front of all our friends, the comment she made about finding me adorable, and comments about her daughter calling herself, my wife and myself a triad all lead me to believe there is a good possibility she would. I had been planning to ask her if she would want to pursue a relationship, provided my wife and her husband could be convinced, when she shared the fateful email with my wife and knocked things off course. I can't tell whether it was an innocent mistake, an attempt to keep things above the board, or just plain telling on me. If the latter, then I suspect any attempt to broach the subject with F would result in being told on again.

The way I see it at the moment, if those are my only two options, suffering through a longing I can't fulfill is preferable to losing both of the ladies I so adore.

Thank you for your well-wishes and advice. I'm sorry to hear you suffered much the same as I do now. I hope you've found your peace.

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