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Sewing, knitting, camping, hiking/backpacking, skiing, woodworking, shooting, canning, historical re-enactments (current focus: 16th century Ireland/Scottish highlands), baking and occassionally cooking.

Seriously, I would have more except I don't have time or money for any more . I've been trying hard to avoid learning how to spin/weave yarn and leather work, but they are wearing me down. New hobbies call out to me and I have to fight them off, especially domestic crafts. Yes ADD is a factor here

I think I joined the historical re-enactment group just to have an outlet for a large combination of my hobbies. A nice bonus was to be surrounded by people who actually appreciate the amount of work that goes into "my crafts" and are willing to compensate accordingly (no grumbling because something similar can be found at Walmart for 1/4 of the price - which is why I usually don't sew/knit for others).
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