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Thank you all so much for the feedback. It feels like it is happening so fast. I honestly did not anticipate the family thing coming on so soon. Thanks, Dinged, maybe I should look at it as just a party, no big deal.

I am pretty sure I know most of what's been said between them because he has shown me his text conversations with her. He even had me take pictures of him to send her (but I guess she thinks he used a timer). I helped him rope her in, I guess, but I was giddy with the thought that she and I were going to meet soon. That she would be my friend. Suddenly it's like, yeah, red flag all right! He's walking right into her life! SHE was supposed to walk into MINE!!!

Maybe I am being selfish. Maybe she is going to be so much easier and breezier, after how complicated I have been for so long, maybe he belongs with her. I know I am projecting, because I am so afraid of what COULD happen.

I am so convinced he is going to fit right in to her family. Maybe he won't like them at all! Maybe i just need to breathe.

Another red flag: after all the crying I've done all last night and this morning, after him telling me he'd cancel, come to find out just a few minutes ago, he still hasn't canceled on her. Maybe this was really important to him? He doesn't want to hurt her. Like Minxxa said, it's just one missed dinner -- what's more important? He said I was, but he waited to cancel, figuring he'd talk me into it, figuring I'd come to my senses, figuring he'd lie to her at the last minute, WHAT? I told him to go, so he doesn't have to break his word. We'll deal with the fallout later.

I'll be online later tonight for some support, y'all!
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