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Dry humping Jewell in my sleep most of the morning ,I think, led her to coming up with an excuse for me seeing Lover. I did call first giving him fair warning that I was coming over alone. Being as hot as it was he was already naked and laying in bed. Sex in the heat of the day was messier than ever. Warm bodied dripping with sweat. Nothing a cool shower didn't help. It was relaxing none the less.

Jewell, when I came home was with our newly found neighbors. A couple who had been together now 18 years. Old and weathered, yet still full of the feistiness I see in newborn kid goats. They have Oklahoma accidents that could rock you to sleep. The female I will call C is amazing. She likes my company, and talks my ear off. She has still a great touch with kids even though hers are all grown. J is the male counterpart and loves Jewells company. I think C is figuring out Jewell not being so uhm, manly.

We have been helping them set up their solar. He has been coming around with his tractor fixing our roads. We have almost meshed together already. Its amazing what you give and get with love. Lover is the same. A couple other neighbors all the same. We open our hearts and give and what we can, no matter how little we have. We give and though we donít expect it, it still reciprocates and grows. It seems to be our karma. It is how we make it in the world. We spent years helping S fix up his property. Now we can go there when ever we want, or we can go to his land in Hawaii. Our new neighbor J is going to help us drill a well. Talk about being blessed. What a good karma we have.

Another odd karma we seem to carry is finding boyfriends to take care of us. Lover is the first one I have gotten sexual with. S had taken great care of us. Jewell has a whole slew of boyfriends, mainly just emotional, that he reciprocates love with. We are still calling Lover Man of the House. In a way he feels he must make up for the overly feminine household we have up here. It just makes us giggle.

Jewell last night had a good giggle over me. I know she has me figured out. Gee, why am I in the kitchen singing and making loads of good food? I do anyway, but why oh why was I in such a great mood? If I wasn't in my favorite too big tattered pink skirt, you might have been able to see me walk kinda funny.

Time to sign out. Woogie is going to strangle a kitten, and I need lunch.

(First time I spoke of S is in Wierdness on previous page)
I make the letter V. I am married to my wife Jewel (MtoF) for 8 years. Adopted into our family is my Sextoy/SSO (Straight Male).--Not living together.
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