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Originally Posted by ourquad View Post
You said you feel that sex is the highest form of communication and the gift she gives you for your depth of love for her...then how do you view the depth of love she has for you? What is that?

No worries about flak my friend

Redpepper has the most depth of love for me that I have ever felt. She has proven this over and over. I completely understand that she fundamentally loves and expresses love differently than I do. I also cannot understand at all how that works.

This is the "my opinion of her opinion" section LOL! I could be wrong about her thoughts.
Redpepper and I have a different view of sexuality and of sex. I feel it is only something to share with someone I love and, because of my monogamous nature, that love is directed at one person therefore so is my desire to have sex.

I only intimately love on one level. I feel she loves on different levels, such as with our friend her tertiary. She also has always approached sexuality as an area of general interest and takes a lot pleasure in exploring it and discussing it. I am much more private in what happens but am loosening up primarily to share a part of her life I see as very prominent.

Her criteria to have sex is different than mine....this is a relatively simple concept. I don't see that as her not loving me as much. But yes, I do at times question the criteria she has, but only because mine is so black and white and extremely narrow.

Do I think the sex she shares with me is any less intimate or communicative than the sex I share with her? Absolutely not! Our energy flows through each other and we feel whole. I know the difference...I’ve slept with people I did not care for or was merely exploring for curiosity on both parts. It was “dead” sex.

Do I think the idea of sexuality or in fact enjoying sexual acts is so dependant on "love" in her case. No. But I think that is very normal, especially in the sex positive social circle we are in.

The entire post above is based on how I view and incorporate sex in my life and relationships. Is it perhaps “boring” or very restrictive on me? No, because I see freedom in my understanding..freedom from a life revolving around a need for connection displaced by the idea that sex was the path to it.

This is about me.

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