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"Imagine someone counting up minutes, seconds..., trying to be sure not to favour one person over another in an opening couple such as Kevin and I have (are)?!"

Beautiful statement! I know Repepper puts a lot of work and energy into sorting this out and I appreciate this. I honestly have zero issue with the balance of time. I am here for a long time and don't feel a need to try to cram as much of her time in as I can. That would imply there is an end. I feel no end to this and therefore have a freedom to just enjoy! This is an area that causes me personally, absolutely no concern.

The camping coming up is an opportunity to all get together with other like minded people (like minded is used from the "appreciating polyamory" sense in my case..I don't pretend to be like minded in being polyamorous..I'm not). I don't require special attention or affection in these environments. It's not a necessity. I like being treated as a close personnel friend.

Everyone knows about us, so that is not the issue. I just enjoy Redpepper and her husbandsí company. I am in awe of there connection and love for each other because it has allowed them to take a path I couldn't even fathom. I get lots of affection. I am not lacking in any area of my intimate life except for the capacity to explain to them how much their inclusion of me in their life means and just how much I love Redpepper.

I wish I could help Redpepper with this. She knows I feel taken care of affectionately..she just has to trust in that.
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