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Originally Posted by yul View Post
Anyone would like to answer my original question please?
I was asking your original question.. or a question in your original post:

"Am I wrong? Should I be more patient? Should I approach this differently?"

And yes, I think you should approach this differently and yes I think you should be more patient.

I also think approaching people in your workplace is odd. I myself would find it off-putting to be flirted with and approached at work, it's not professional. Plus I'd never date someone from work because if it doesn't work out your workplace is uncomfortable.

If you want to approach people that are open to poly-- you need to approach poly type people at palces where poly people hang out. The average normal, run of the mill individual probably hasn't heard of it and probably will not be comfortable with it. Most of the time non-poly type people only open up to the idea if they meet someone they really click with and develop some feelings for and learn that they are poly. They will sometimes "try it out" because of the feelings they feel for the person. Or, by hearing the idea, it will sound interesting and logical and, why not (poly people who don't know they're poly yet )

Also, unfortunately, unless someone has gotten to know you as a person (friend, whatever) first, your proclamation that you are allowed to have relationships with other women will seem creepy. Too many women have had men claim to be single, or in open relationships when in fact they are cheating. It sucks, but it happens a lot. That's why getting to know someone first, and having them get to know and trust you is important.

And, just as a side note and this is only pertaining to ME personally, I don't do well with random people approaching me with the "intent" to date. I need to be around people in another environment, get to know them, hang around them and maybe gain some interest before I'm even open to that sort of thing. Again, just me...
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