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you were being sarcastic why? How could this thread possibly offend you? Is this something they teach at mod school. The first person to respond wants to make some veiled personal attack....nice.

Sagency, thank you for your comments....I to believe in forgiveness and redemption.


The poly question.....I've asked that same question several times on here? Maybe focus.

It's very true in the early aftermath I had a wide range of emotions surrounding this situation...hurt, anger, betrayal. Hard to process when the other party takes off and hides in another state and dumps the clean up on you. So ya I was pissed. Also it is unfortunate when I post here I don't do several drafts think about it for days ....its mostly as the thoughts happens like a conversation all the nuances get expressed....all the right words get used ... no.


The queen of the quote function....please find she the mother of my kids thinking .....Oh ya I'm not thinking that. I actually prefer to leave my kids out of this....

I think money is your issue... Go check the record I brought it up talking about rejecting primary status.

Got to go ...
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