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center piece

perhaps harmonies are made of balances
as when we stand
and wobble
because all standing
is minute wobbles
when not big wobbles
even the earth herself wobbles a bit
and when a poem is set in motion
it is like a spinning top
which knows where it wants to go
and the poet can only follow
and wobble a bit
there is no real life that doesn't wobble
who gave us this notion of steadiness?
as if being steady were not a recipe for
only that which bends
avoids snapping
i used to prefer the word harmony
to balance
"because it is dynamic" i said
now all i see are words
sounds made with the mouth and
printed on the page
don't get me wrong
i love language
only i'm losing the trail
of the top
of the poem
which spins
always beyond
the shiver on the skin
and when i lean left i must therefore
lean right
and when my love becomes great longing
i must be with my love
even now
though she is so far away
and when i have tears
i have a smile
and when i am laughing
i am also sad
and sometimes
bi, partnered, available

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