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Hey Everybody,

many thanks for answering and helping me out.

I guess, I will just pull out or pull away and see what happens.

I am really tired of talking, debating, discussing and all.

I need to now watch out for myself and try to find a partner who is maybe
more considerate. I will not break up immidiately, but i will focus on what i need and see whether he will somehow wake up and follow my path or he will
just maybe find somebody for himself who is going to take my place 100 percent. Basically, I will keep things light. Maybe he is not happy himself and
realise he needs somebody else.

Maybe it just was not meant to be between me and this guy. I mean i tried to make it work and he did it too, but our relationship keeps getting one blow after another. It is stressful and maybe things would not be that different if we lived together or close by.

One day I will be able to love somebody else just as much. Then, I will be wiser and make smarte choices and will not overlook the little differences that
will cause big trouble for me.

Wishing you all the best and I will keep you up to date.
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