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I've hidden my friend's status updates from my facebook feed while I figure out what I want to do. It's not healthy for me emotionally to continue on the way I have been for the last year though. I'm hoping that having some distance from the reminder of the betrayal of her ex husband (another good friend of mine) will help me to let bygones be bygones.

I don't expect to ever like her new husband but one of the things I've learned from poly is that I don't have to like everyone in the lives of people who are important to me, I just need to be polite and respectful. I think I can do that (as long as he doesn't call my intergrety into question again).

I'm going to give it 6 weeks and see how I feel after that. For the next couple of weeks it's vacation time and I'm not going to think about it at all!
Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end.
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