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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Huh??? What ever do you mean by this?
Haha sorry, that's what happens when I think and type at the same time. It should be facebook style relationship STATUS. I'll explain what I mean by it below.

Basically on Facebook, you select your relationship status as Single, In A Relationship, In An Open Relationship, Engaged, Married etc etc. However, to me, those are limiting terms, because they don't encompass the broad variety of relationships that you can form. You can't even select more than one!

However, my "relationship status" is a personal thing (i.e. I'm a sexual unit of one person) and therefore I don't see myself as "Single" or "In a Relationship" or even in open/multiple relationships, I see myself as free to pursue others, regardless of other relationships.

To try and explain by a comparison, if a single guy is talking to a girl he's interested in, he wouldn't have to tell her he's available, the fact that he's talking to a girl he's interested in and trying to form something implies it.

Same sort of thing for me, although I'm not "single" in the traditional sense. It's like, when I meet someone for the first time, I prefer it to be about me and them rather than me and all the other people I'm involved with.

Reading that back, it doesn't make a lot of sense logically, it's really just an internal process that I'm struggling to explain. I guess it boils down to the fact that I know deep down that I'm available, and people can pick up on that, so I never bring it up as a topic of discussion when I first meet someone, and it's only when I get to know someone better that a) I tell them I have multiple relationships and b) they get to meet their metamours.
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