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Originally Posted by AmourCurious View Post
I’ve decided that I don’t have what it takes to commit to a full-time relationship.
Yep, online dating is a good idea. You can say the above out loud in your profile, and thus limit the pool of candidates who might want to contact you so that you find people in similar life situations.

Originally Posted by AmourCurious View Post
Another part of me says, dating can be for short-term if those involved are aware and okay with it. Is there such thing as short-term dating and is it moral?
You gave the key to whether it's moral or not in the first sentence. "If those involved are aware and okay with it". Of course, human emotions are sticky, weird things, and there are no guarantees that something that starts out as casual, fun and with a definite "best before"-date won't morph into something massive and long-term and messy.

Originally Posted by AmourCurious View Post
I am attracted to very feminine women.
One possible hurdle ahead. Very feminine women looking for female companionship tend to be femmes and more inclined to hang out with butches. This is a horrible stereotype but that's how the scene operates most of the time. Feminine women who don't identify as femmes, on the other hand, are more often than not bisexual. Go figure.

Originally Posted by AmourCurious View Post
I feel uncomfortable with the idea of my picture and info out there
You don't need a picture. I don't have a picture on my OKC account. It limits the amount of attention you get from other users, so you need to be more active yourself in getting in touch with potentials and messaging them first. You can also send files via private messages in OKC, so you can just add a photo of yourself to the first message and explain why you don't want it out in the open. You can also blog straight people from seeing your profile, so you don't have to deal with most men if you don't want to.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
According to the Europeans that posted to that OKC thread, dating is something you do after you have a commitment. They would never call a meeting to have coffee with someone a date. They don't think of going to the movies with someone you're still getting to know "dating."
Thank you Indie! Exactly. That's it. Einverstanden. Second that.

In my mother tongue there are two different words, one meaning short-term dating, getting to know someone with maybe checking out if there's long-term potential, but it can totally be used just to mean something very casual and fun. And another word entirely for long-term dating when there's a commitment and often plans for shared future.

Sadly, such a distinction doesn't seem to exist in English .
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