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So the sexual boundaries workshop went well at poly camp. I think I need to wrap my head around some stuff as a result as it seemed that some people didn't get it... or maybe they had really good boundaries The mediation was on creating a sexual experience that is comfortable and completely fashioned around ones own fantasy. Then, in the art, there is a chance to express what that felt like and what came up in terms of emotions and feelings in the body. I think everyone got something out of it.... but most of the people there were not the ones that perhaps needed to look at their sexual boundaries as much... kind of preaching to the converted it felt like.

life ticks on here and everyone is doing fine. PN is going on a week long mediation retreat this week and its just Mono, LB and me. I'm looking forward to that, but will miss my PN. He is so good to me in so many ways. I will miss that.

I have seen Derby a few times in the last weeks, mostly for coffee dates and once to work the door at a burlesque show. She was at camp last week and has been busy... as have I. Still we talk every day and are getting along well.

Leo and I won't see each other for a few more weeks. 6 weeks in between dates! Too long, but at least we will be camping again between now and then... both our families that is. We chat every day and have worked out how to approach each other on line when we start to get confused and read in to to things.

I have another burlesque show coming up early September... this time I will be doing a D/s inspired number. I was hoping to get a local sub boy to help me out but that isn't going to work for him. Too bad, he would of been perfect! I have a burlesque friend going to help me instead. She will be good I think, but he really inspires me to make him submit... I don't know how I will be inspired by her. I will see I guess.
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