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Originally Posted by yul View Post
I have another thread going about how some of the opposite sex people I meet in casual encounters soon give up contact since they know I am in a relationship.

I mean even just trying to maintain friendship with opposite sex is not that easy.

I DO have a few successes in that field but it's really a long shot...

Am I wrong? Should I be more patient? Should I approach this differently?

I do make it clear that I am allowed to have opposite sex friends within my

I am asking because I am trying to stay away from the usual bar scene and try to meet everyday girls around my workplace etc...

It's perverse, frustrating, and very Zen, but I've never, ever found someone when I was looking. It's always when I wasn't looking that the spark lit the tinder and a relationship took off. There's that whole "desperation" vibe that goes with looking, and people pick up on that. It's hard to do, but just be yourself, talk to people, and really, really LISTEN, and sooner or later, you'll strike that spark.

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