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I don't know that selling the bike is a good idea NY. He sounds really unstable and I would be concerned about his reaction. He may not be violent towards her so far, but you sell a man's motorcycle and he's bound to lose control. Now is the time to play it smart, not add fuel to the fire.

It's "walk on eggshell" time until you get out of there Hun. {HUGS} to you and the kiddos. I am in full agreement on the collecting evidence end of things though!! Get everything you can!!!! You're gonna need it. As far as the school, wait until after so they have a routine to look forward to. This also gives you time to collect the evidence you need. Cell phone bills where he's calling and texting her (as detailed as possible), pics of them together, financial statements, business statements on his end, etc. I also wouldn't think it to be going too far to set up a recorder or video camera in the area of the house that he talks on the phone the most or any area to record his daily activities and behavior.

On the cell phone end. There is an app that you can get for smartphones (if he has one) called mIQ from Best Buy. You can download the app if you can sneak the phone away without him noticing. It will back up ALL of his phone information and even allow you to access his text messages to print out and use as evidence. Just set it up using a private email that you create just for such purposes. You access everything once you've backed up with the app through . (****For those of you looking for a good back up service for your smartphones in case they get broken or damaged, this is it.****)

Good luck!
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