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I suppose much of my response can best or only be understood if first one understands that I've been multiple times sexed up by people I thought actually cared for me, but didn't really. They were just wanting to sex me up, then drop me like a hot potato. I've had a lot of lonely days because of it, since only lovers (until very recently) have been available to me for deep emotional intimacy as well as the touch I know I so need to be well and happy. (I was touch-deprived at crucial junctures, from birth (incubator baby) and onward.) So I see casual sex through this lens. I have nothing per se against casual sex where it is clear that this is all that's happening. But it isn't so simple for me as all that.

My "date" (in quotes) with Kaye Ballard was so wonderful! I must say, she's one of the most loving people I've ever encountered! She touched my heart, and signed me a book, too! And she bought my dinner!
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