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Originally Posted by yul View Post
I do make it clear that I am allowed to have opposite sex friends within my couple.
This is an odd statement. If you are looking for friendships only, who would think you are not allowed to have friends? You're an adult, your own person, of course you can make friends! And if you want more than friendship, you just take it slowly and not try to force it.

Here's the way I see it: You are coming across like it's a project. That isn't going to be very appealing to anyone. Your approach must be putting people off because you seem to have an agenda, like collecting toys to have around you.

Whereas, if you just happen to meet someone and genuinely like them, and want to get to know them, you would simply strike up a conversation with them and show your interest. Let it happen organically, not like a big-deal project, which I am sure adds pressure to both you and your prospective friends. I think you need to relax a bit and not worry so much.
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