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Ill be 26 in a couple of month :P lol

Anyway, I guess for me: ive been with my now husband since I was 17, and we always had a very open and communicative relationship. We were in a serious realtionship from the get go, but thats how i work anyway. I dont do anything by halves!

So, a couple of years ago, a year into our marriage, he starts to discuss the idea of an open marriage, I was keen as I felt the same way, but we realised that we didnt want meaningless sexual experiences. We wanted the opportunity to fall in love with and love other people. We didnt know what it was called, only thats how we felt so we lived it. Then we discovered the word for it :P

I have never wanted to sleep around, i have never wanted to be 'free' so to speak. I had a fairly traumatic youth so security, love, stability? they were what i wanted and sought and i found it in my teens I consider myself very lucky to have the love of my life and the ability to love more then one too...

I guess 23 is young to get married but we had our reasons. to make a long story short: I wanted to be married before we started a family, i also wanted my family finished before 30 due to health and a familial history of downs syndrome and neural tube defects with age.. He agreed, so we married, and started TTC. Turns out im infertile anyway.. eh, these things happen...
~:Loving life and loving many on this path:~

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