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I'm going to have a little vent today. One of my (former?) best friends back home got married over the weekend. It was a surprise wedding and being that we live very far away I'm not surprised that we weren't invited. Her husband is someone who I don't care for at all. I wish I could be happy for her but I can't find it within myself to feel any kind of positive emotions for this wedding.

I don't know if that means that the friendship should just be over now and we should go our separate ways. It makes me sad to think that I'm allowing someone to come between us. We've been friends since high school. I haven't forgiven her yet for cheating on her previous spouse (whom I've also known since high school) and telling me about it before she told him (and also asked me not to say anything).

Her new husband likes to twist things around to serve his best interests. He has taken things that my husband and I have said to him in the past and made it sound like we don't care about our friend. It seems to me that he wants to drive a wedge between my friend and any remnants of her past life. I'm not sure if I'm just holding on now so as to not let him win. The thing is that it's not doing me any service to hang on to this friendship.

I know that this isn't a poly post but I really don't have anywhere else to vent about this. I'd just really like to stop caring so much about what she's doing. It has pretty much 0 effect on my day to day life after all.
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