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Dear Moderators, can you put this into the blog section for me? I'm clueless, but I think that's where this should be -- ?

Had a fantastic weekend with Sundance! Wowza! Never want to leave that man hungry and hurting again.

Butch Cassidy and I regularly escape reality to be together for an hour or two at a time, with no interruptions. It's only once or twice a week, but the exclusivity makes it seem timeless. Whereas, Sundance and I are married, we are together in the same household, raising a family, yet we rarely take the time to close out the rest of the world and focus on each other. We did that Saturday night, and I realized how desperately we needed that! Married people can really get into a rut.

Now that we've recharged our lovelife, poly seems so much more positive and sunny! More love for everyone!
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