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Originally Posted by rory View Post
Also, we've slept at the same apartment a few times before but this was the first time I slept with Mya while Alec was in the same apartment. In both literal and the other sense. Well, all interesting. Some of the monogamous people I know would possibly be surprised by the fact that the literal sense felt stranger to him that the sexual side. We talked about it, and it seems he didn't feel too bad, just missed me some. Mostly it just felt odd, that I was home but not sleeping in the same bed with him. I think the situation was a bit odd for all of us, but I'm sure that will pass with time as we get used to it.
For me, this situation was particularly strange because I had never had sex with someone while a person I know is in the next room. I mean never. I moved out of my parents house quite young so I didn't have to deal with that and also I've never had sex with my partner while we've been visiting someone or someone's visiting us. It just doesn't feel right and I usually can't get in the right mood if I know someone I know could hear us. This time, maybe thanks to NRE, I did get in the mood and did it anyway, but I did feel strange. However, this is a situation I just have to accept since that's what the future holds for us. It's a rare luxury that I've had an apartment for myself for the summer and me and rory have been able to meet each other there. After the summer I'm going to be visiting rory and Alec's home so we don't really have any choice but to do it while he's in the apartment as well. It's just so hard being quiet!
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