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My 14-year old daughter and I watch "Sister Wives" together, and she started begging me for my husband (her step-dad) to get us a sister wife! We joke around about it a lot. What she doesn't know is that there is a "brother husband" already behind the scenes, ha!!! Who she knows and adores -- he is a former neighbor and friend of the family -- but she has no idea there is anything going on between us. My men don't want to be outed, at all. Already my mom, sister, and two 20-something daughters know. But we've all agreed to remain closeted in our community.

Now, my husband has a new girlfriend. She texts him all the time and I just know the kids are going to figure this out any day now! They're not stupid. If she ever comes around, my kids will KNOW. Dad just does not have female friends casually stopping by, EVER. And this girl is no churchmouse! I haven't met her yet myself, but I've seen pictures and she looks like Bombshell Barbie!!!

Yesterday my two teenage girls found some body scrub (the gf bought it for him/gave him a foot massage the other day) in his car, and I am surprised they didn't ask me, "MOM, WHAT IS THIS DOING IN STEPDADDY'S CAR???" The were oblivious, just wanted to know, "Hey, can we use some of this?" O-Kay, girls!

The 14-year old loves the Sister Wife concept, however I'm sure the 16-year old would be completely horrified! Not to mention our 11-year old son, who is already learning all about how everyone is only allowed ONE love. Every time we say a girl is cute, he says, "So what. I have a GIRLFRIEND." I would never want him to think his dad (or mom) is a god-forsaken CHEATER. Ugh, yeah, conventional society is really doing a number on my kids.
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