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Default People I meet back off when they know I am in a relationship...?


just slowly adding some flexibility and permissiveness in our couple.

Nothing major but we have had some experiences here and there and I am trying to explore the possibilities.

So I am an adult man and want to meet people in everyday situations outside the regular circle.

It's easy to actually "meet" people but when it comes to developing a friendly relationship (keeping contact?), people back off once they know I am in another one already....and this is by just trying to make opposite sex friends at that point...nothing more.

I am surely a bit flirtatious and like to compliment the women I like but they get uncomfortable once I tell them I am in a relationship.

One girl emailed me and everything changed when I told her I had a GF and that it was OK for us to be friends...

It's no big deal but is there a wat to approach it sensibly without scaring people off?

I will not just go out there and tell people "just like that" that I am in a flexible relationship...that won't happen.

I want to make friends first.

Maybe it's just the nature of the beast?
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