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Gosh, haven't had time to write, though I've surely felt like it. Don't really remember what I wanted to write about. There's just been a lot going on. In my head, mostly.

I feel there have been a lot of "first steps" during the summer. It makes me kinda overwhelmed but not in a bad way; I don't feel like slowing down but there's a lot to process. A week ago Mya spent the weekend with me and Alec at our place (not our home but where we're staying with him) for the first time. Also, we've slept at the same apartment a few times before but this was the first time I slept with Mya while Alec was in the same apartment. In both literal and the other sense. Well, all interesting. Some of the monogamous people I know would possibly be surprised by the fact that the literal sense felt stranger to him that the sexual side. We talked about it, and it seems he didn't feel too bad, just missed me some. Mostly it just felt odd, that I was home but not sleeping in the same bed with him. I think the situation was a bit odd for all of us, but I'm sure that will pass with time as we get used to it. An expectation that hasn't failed me thus far: after all, most of the first steps have felt just as odd, but now many of them feel completely natural, such as PDAs with either one in front of the other. Poly sure is interesting, though.

I spent the weekend with Mya. We had some alone time and then went to meet some friends of ours. It was really lovely. <3 It was a large-ish group of people, and not everybody knew each other, and there were some we didn't know yet, so we had sort of an "introductory round". It was funny, since they started from the other side of the table and everybody said where they lived and whether they had husbands or were single. So, I got to say that I have a husband, and a girlfriend while pointing at Mya. Cool!
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