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Originally Posted by febus68 View Post
why do i want to marry her ? good question. because i love her and we do enjoy our time together when we do spend time together.
Lots of people who aren't married feel the same way about each other.

It sounds to me like marrying this woman is a disaster in the making. You will have to either shut down and repress the poly part of yourself or else likely make another ex-wife. It's much better to find these things out now than it is after you tie the knot.

You have no children together, and you want different things out of the relationship. You have no reason to cement this particular incompatibility into stone through marriage. In fact, it doesn't even seem like, unmarried, the two of you can stay together if you actively practice polyamory.

Red flag after red flag after red flag.

It's your life, but in your shoes, I wouldn't tie the knot. I'd have an earnest conversation, and then if it came to it, wish her the best and part company while you both still don't have very much to lose.
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