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Default Still going smooth.

The "re-entry" into poly is going well since I last posted. Very well. Her boyfriend is definitely a choice pick. One of those hidden gems, which actually makes things much easier. All three of us went out for, I think, the second time the other night and WE HAD A BALL! No third wheel issues around the table, lots of great fun conversation, and good gobs of heart felt sharing between us all.

They have finally realized, and shared, that they are in love with each other. THAT MADE ME JUST SO HAPPY!! It's something that I honestly have forgot, or put out of my head, or for whatever reason have deprived myself of for too long. It is absolutely one of the best feelings to see a cherished loved one, falling in love. Frubble! (thanks Ygirl)

AND I met someone! Shocked and bewildered as I was when I realized that she was not just being nice. Not the goal for the evening, and in fact was something we talked about not pursuing until things reached a normal tempo. We thought that it might re-accelerate things too much, and complicate things, but, here she was, and she's interested in me, has no poly hangups whatsoever and I got the green light from all parties. Ugh. Nervous? sure. But I've realized that being nervous is not always a bad thing.

All ahead slow.

As for some of the hangups that I've spoke of before. We have talked many of them thru in the days before we arranged our "V" date. If anyone of us were uncomfy with anything at all, we would just say so, back off, and discuss. There were some small little ground rules about heavy PDA and similar, but that's kinda normal in my experience. PDA, especially HEAVY PDA, leads very often to third wheel issues, and exclusion, IMO.

So, my new beau and I have already had our first solo, getting to know each other date (anyone have a term for that?) and she's really spectacular. She's met my SO, and her BF and all is wonderful. She and the SO get along great and I actually got some third wheel going there for a bit. She hogged my date! LOL (no seriously, it was awesome to see them talk so well, AND FAST!! How do girls do that?)

We've planned a double date for the weekend, this should be fun! I foresee the BF and I sipping beer and watching a game while hyper chat is going on for most of the time. Which is fine with me, except I'm supposed to cook. I think he and I have already formed a pretty tight friendship. I do enjoy his company.

More later?
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