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Default Beginning summary

I am female, i guess with a name like kimberly that isn't too hard to figure out. I am poly. I met my husband when i was 21, I am now 37. He is mono. I never explored poly love at all while we were "together." We have three children. We are married at present moment but will probably be divorced some day, we live separately, but love each other in the way that couples who have been married for 17 years grow to love each other.

4 years ago I reconnected with my first kiss. Him and I are now together. We raise my children and share a life. This is separate from my marriage. We are not married and depending upon whether the husband and I ever divorce, we may never marry, but he is my primary relationship and I am devastatingly in love with him. He is mono.

I was extremely suppressed in my marriage. I had no voice, i felt like I had no opinions, no choices. It was smothering and stifling. I never had poly love, i just engaged in lots of cheating behind his back. I now know that I was fighting to be myself for years.
Coming into my second relationship, i promised to never lie. To be open and completely honest at all times. We talk. And I mean talk. About everything, constantly. I have since learned that I am prone to poly love. I am comfortable with it. I have learned to hate myself so much less and to explore what this means.

I am currently in an on and off again relationship with someone else who is mono. Most of the time it doesnt work. Jealousy abounds. I know that I want my relationship that i have been in for 4 years to work. I also know that this other relationship has the potentional to make me happy. If it doesnt, i am fine with dissolving it. My primary is my focus.

I am not looking for anyone. I don't know that i will ever LOOK for someone. If prince charming number two comes along, FANTASTIC. If he doesn't, that is fine too. As long as the options for me to explore are always there, i am content. I want happy children who dont judge anyone for whom they choose to love. I want a happy spouse who is fulfilled and confident and comfortable. And then there is me. I want to be...captivated, consumed. I want to feel with all of my might until I can't feel anything anymore.

I am 37, brunette with brown eyes. I am attractive. I am intelligent. I am emotional. I am honest, almost to a fault. I love strongly and I love deeply and I love great.

That is me in a nutshell and I look forward to getting to know everyone here. Thank you for your time.
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