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Question new and confused


I am a bisexual woman who met a married man last year. We really tried being friends since he didn't want to split up with his wife and they were in a closed relashionship. We fell in love but still stayed physicaly away from each other.
With time we have formed a relationship with great trust and we love each other. We are both open to polyamoros relationships but none of us have have tried it before. If we were to have a relationship it would be a triad. I agreed to meet his wife and see how it felt, and after a couple of meetings the three of us had sex. This has now happened several times and I like having sex with her and I like her as a person. I have no idea if I can fall in love with her but I do think we could be good friends and have good sex..

They have discussed a triad but she does not yet know if she want it or not. I would like to try it but I am unsure about it. Can you be in a triad if one relationship is more friendly? How can I find room for myself in a established relationship with a house, children and set ways of hanging out/doing things/organizing lives?

I feel like I can't loose anything by trying this but sometimes I find it really hard to be that third person.... Thought I think I could like being three and I do not feel jealous of their relationship...

Any thoughts, please?
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