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Sundance is not comfortable with me spending too much time with Butch Cassidy when he's at work. Our of respect for him, we do limit our time together. We also don't get together and leave Sundance sitting home -- we tried that, and he freaked a bit! Better to hang out all three of us than to exclude one. It has worked out well - we make the most of the time we do have together, and we are committed to 100% honesty, knowing full well that betraying Sundance could lead to the destruction of our nice little V arrangement. There are some sacrifices but they are WORTH it, to us.

Now Sundance has begun a relationship with a beautiful girl who has pretty much fallen madly in love with him, so we are going to be encountering a whole bunch of new challenges. Eek, scared! I am hoping they will show me the same respect that Butch and I have shown Sundance.

It sounds like Sarah is struggling to find balance. Don't give up. More love = More challenges, but they are worth it.
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