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It sounds like something happened that she is very unhappy about, or quite possibly depressed. I wouldn't start getting all defensive about it yet, if I were you -- I think it's important to find out where it's coming from. It sounds to me like she has a broken heart.

Men often forget that many women need to verbalize what's going on with them without requiring a "fix" or a change -- they usually just need to get something out of their heads that is bothering them and want a loved one to listen, but not necessarily do anything about it (I find it interesting that all guys responded with, "Hey, that's not fair!"). If she does want a change, maybe it's just some adjustments to your boundaries, more attention from you, or something else to help her deal with some difficult feelings. But remember, until you sit down and talk with her about that, it could be she just wants you to listen and know how she's feeling, and nothing else.
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