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Here is an update. We have been talking and she says that if we decide to make a run at this, this is how it will be. She doesn't want her secondary to be local. She is more than happy just seeing him at events randomly throughout the year and continuing to talk to him on the phone and computer. Recently I have been reading more and more and talking to friends of mine. Everything I see seems like it ends in flames. I know there are happy stories on here and I would like to hear some words of encouragement. I also wonder how do you get over the feeling of not being enough when she is with the other guy? I have had years of women telling me I am not good enough for them so this plays a small part of things. I know that I am enough for her, but I am damaged goods and it worries me that my thoughts will creep in and I won't be able to handle things. I continue to work at things but I think I am hitting a road block and need some help. She is taking me to a poly meet up this week where they talk about issues they are having and get opinions from others. I told her I would attend but I just wanted to sit back and listen. Is this the right step to take, should I not go, or should I try to participate more?
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