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Originally Posted by sage View Post
Although it seems by his comments he likes his mono label.

Originally Posted by sage View Post
but I seemed to get sucked back into the cultural norm of monogamy. Maybe because you Mono, are so immersed in poly culture it doesn't have the same affect on you. .
I work in a completely mono culture (on the outside..what people do in reality is far more diverse I'm sure). The guys I ride with are all in the mono culture and many of my close friends are very mono. The thing is, I have never been fully apart of any large community. If something happened to me and RP I would undoubtedly slip back into the mono circles I am used too..that's just natural I think. There is always a little comfortableness when I interact with people who don't fully know our dynamic. I've just learned to live with it.

Oddly enough, I use the label of mono within the poly community as a signal to others not to bother approaching me...but I do like to flirt I am more hesitant to tell my mono friends that my girlfriend has others partners but I don't want any...then they really can't see anything in it for me and I think tend to judge me as being per-verbally "pussy whipped".

Meh.....screw it. I ride my own ride and live my own life. What everybody else does is up to them.

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