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Default 8 years.. and im now lost?!

Soo I have been poly with my wife for 8 years
But recently things have taken a turn for the.. odd?
She tells me the other day.. I dont like the idea of you with other women
I would rather be friends living in the same house but not married than have to deal with that
Followed by.. I dont think I could be friends I want so much more.
She tells me.. I want you to just have close friends you dont sleep with..
8 years.. and now this.. never have i been so torn.. a hole in my chest that gets bigger and bigger every day!
She has two boyfriends going on a year for one and 3 on another. plus a few little flings... I have not had a steady girlfriend in almost a year.. Could she have grown fond of just having her portion open?
how is that fair to me.. or us as a couple.
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