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I was just as surprised that FOX even did this story. And even more they used the term "polyamorists" and not "polygamists." Then again, if they would have said polygamists I bet Jenny would have straightened them out. The only thing that bothered me was the couple of leads they ran earlier that hour:

"But what about Americans who want to marry (elongated) multiple partners -- at the same time? Could they have marital rights too? The threesomes who now want the legal right to get (voice crackling) hitched!" - Steve Doocy

"What about Americans who want to marry two people? It's actually got a new term folks, it's called a triad (pause) or is it a marriage?" - Gretchen Carlson

The words themselves weren't too bad, it was the almost sarcastic tone in which they were said. If you've seen any of their coverage on the gay marriage stories, you'll know the tone I'm talking about. I refer to it as Condescending Bias.
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