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Well as I am new to allowing myself to try poly and not having much luck, lol, I would like to say that I am of the mindset that love is infinite and that loving two or more people is normal and natural and good. I mean there are some families with more than 12 children, does that mean that number 12 is loved less than number 1? No! It absolutely does not.

M has been the third in two relationships previous to meeting me, one a mfm triad and the other just threesomes with a married couple where he only had contact with the wife in that context. I did the serial monogamy thing because that it was I was programmed into doing.

I am not possessive but I did tell M that I will leave him if he cheats but not if he comes to me and talks it through and keeps me in the loop if he finds someone else to be with. We both have agreed that our marriage comes first and that any added lovers will know this from the start.

As to women " not being suited for polyamory" well that is just ridiculous. I mean, some people are hard wired mono and can't imagine anything else but that is not linked to their gender.

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