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5'2, 115 lbs, medium-long blonde hair, blue eyes (Sundance says they're my best feature). Natural B- cup, everything in pretty good order considering I've had 6 kids -- even not considering, actually! Lucked out in the gene pool I guess; I had a teeny tiny grandmother. I don't work out at all and if I had to I think I'd just be fat. I've never had a big appetite tho and I do enjoy healthy food over junky, so I'm sure that's a lucky bonus too. Sundance says I look like Jenny McCarthy, which flatters me because I think she's adorable.

Sundance, let me tell you, is hoTT. As in, the Sundance Kid, Robert Redford hott. Everyone thinks he looks like the Marlboro Man. Kinda Burt Reynolds, Hugh Jackman. He's 58 but looks 45 tops. Has a thick head of hair but minimal body hair. He works out 4 days a week, NO steroids, eats only lean meat and veggies, looks like an Adonis. Sometime I'll put a pic up (without his face -- darned closet ) so you can check him out.

Butch Cassidy isn't on the forum, but I'd describe him to look a little like Ben Affleck or kind of a tall version of Matt Dillon.

Beauty is only skin deep of course, but it does help to get a picture in your mind of all these posters! You are all beautiful!!!
Formerly married to Sundance
Boyfriend -- Butch Cassidy
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